Talk Thoughts

We were asked to speak in our new ward this upcoming week. I don’t know why but having to give talks is way more difficult for me to prepare for then giving a lesson. A lesson you can ask questions and learn from others where in a talk you just talk! Our topic is broad, but difficult. The topic seems so easy, “becoming more Christ-like”. Becoming more Christ-like…you know, your basic Sunday school answers: be nice to others, go to church, pray, read your scriptures, etc, etc. It seems so easy. But how can I give a talk of becoming more Christ-like when he is that–Christ. It’s intimidating because I want to make it right. As I listened to general conference last weekend there were a few thoughts that stood out to me for this specific topic. One of the most prominent in my mind while listening was service. There was some talk about cell phones and social media in general conference. I always feel like there’s improvement for me in this category. It’s just ridiculous how sucked in any of us can get in to something that really doesn’t give us lasting value. A quote I wrote down a while back: “… we have unprecedented mass entertainment and mass communications, but so many lonely crowds. The togetherness of technology is no substitute for the family” Elder Maxwell. I mean, isn’t that the truth!? So many lonely  crowds, yet never has the ability to communicate with other been so in our face? But is it really that communicating that leaves you inspired and whole again like when you talk to a friend who seems to know exactly what you need to hear after maybe a not so easy day?

I read a mutual friend’s post the other day on Facebook, she said: “Today it was brought to my attention, that it’s possible others out there feel the same we do. We are a married, kidless couple, and ave found being involved at church is HARD! We have shed tears and had many talks about being left out of conversations or activities. It has even been said to our face in one particular instance, it is because we don’t have kids. We are outgoing, kid loving people! Is there anyone out there who has experienced this that has advice or help for us in this position?”

Now, this isn’t a plug in to say everyone who doesn’t have kids feels this way or anything of the such. My point in sharing this, is that there are people all around us, whether in church or in the supermarket who have struggles, who feel lonely and may need a friend or a smile. We are here on earth, as Christ so perfectly demonstrated, to notice and serve those around us. Just like an experience of mine on my mission when my companion and I were reading emails from home on our i-pads at the mall. If I had not looked up to see a man who appeared to be hungry by his brief glance at my meal I had just bought, I may not have felt the spirit inside me impress upon my heart that he needed that food more than I did. And even more importantly, I may not have felt that indescribable feeling after giving it to him as my companion and I walked off of Christ’s perfect love for that man sitting on that couch that day. When we become too consumed in our own little world around us, we will miss incredible moments to be made with those around us by serving each other.

One of my favorite scriptures, Luke 9:24

For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it

Isn’t that really what becoming Christ-like is all about? Serving others? I am so so grateful for people in my life, whether close family or friends or strangers on the street, who have noticed and served me when I needed it so much. It means more than they realize. I am so grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ, for His example of true selfless service to me. I can’t say enough of Him, but that I am forever grateful.

The Olaveson Gang

It’s been a minute, but we went up to Mountain Home Idaho where my cute sister-in-law Hailey and Kory’s family lives! We had a ton of fun with them boating and just catching up. They are seriously such a darling family and it’s fun watching Kory and Hailey interact with their kids, they make really good parents you can tell. We were initially planning on going up several weeks earlier to go boating, but weren’t able to  make it. So… we went boating this time anyways. I’m not going to lie, the water was really cold. I was on the tube with the two boys, Becket and Paxton, who are two pretty tough little guys. I look over at Becket with the freezing water spraying all over his face and he just has the cutest/funniest squinting look on his face and starts crying. haha. He was done with the cold water. But I will give it to Paxt and Becket, they totally jumped off the side of the boat in that freezing water. Not gonna lie, I was super impressed.

The Olavesons-85The Olavesons-79The Olavesons-95

If you can’t already tell, Becket is a total tease. I was dying looking through some of the pictures from their family session.

The Lantern Fest

General conference was this last weekend. It was really good being able to hear some inspired talks that really just made me want to be better. One of the talks was about how many things are not just “coincidences” but gifts and blessings that God places in our lives. When I think back on different experiences in my life, I truly believe and feel of God’s great love for me because of those many blessings. Speaking of non-“coincidences”, I was seeing a post on Facebook the other day about a Lantern Festival that was coming through town. I have always wanted to go to one of those just to experience it once. When I clicked on ticket prices, they were super expensive, so I decided not to pursue it, however, a friend posted shortly after that how she and her husband were no longer able to attend and were selling their tickets for a super great deal! It lined up perfectly because let’s be honest, Nate was a little less than thrilled with the idea of going to a Lantern Festival. It landed on the evening with the Priesthood session, so he had a good excuse to miss out 😉 So I talked my mom in to coming with me and we called it a girls night out! We were laughing to ourselves because there were so many couples and it was just me and her, but we really had a good time. There was live music and each person got a box of a amores kit to roast around a camp fire. It was a little windy so after it got dark, we all finally got the okay to release our lanterns. Let’s just say my Tangled dreams came true that night;)

Lantern Fest-4I also feel like I have to do a little disclaimer that I in no way know videography. haha. The quality of the video seemed to lessen when I tried putting it together which I was bummed about, but thanks to my sister Candice we managed to piece it together.



Quincy’s Bridals

Yesterday was my beautiful friend Quincy’s wedding day. It was a long day of work at the hospital for me so as soon as I got home we headed up to Eden Utah where her beautiful reception was held. It took me back to our backyard wedding reception. Might I add, this season right now is one of my all time favorites!! THESE LEAVES!!! More pics and sessions to come!! I was having a hard time staying in my lane while driving  Trapper’s Loop because the leaves were that beautiful. Anyways, big congrats to Qui and her new hubby Carson!

Quincy's Bridals-25.jpg

Quincy's Bridals-55

It was so fun doing her bridals. We did two different locations: a green house and a bird refuge. I feel like both turned out so perfect in their own way. Here’s some of the bird refuge.

Quincy's Bridals-135.jpg

Quincy's Bridals-252

Quincy's Bridals-176

Quincy's Bridals-244

I’m Back.

It’s been several months since I’ve really done anything on this blog or posted anything because it told me I reached my limit on space and that I have to pay if I wanted more space. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go forward with it, especially knowing it’s really just been for my personal use. However, I decided it’s been a really good outlet for me to ponder and write words to feelings in my own life that I’m going to try it out for a bit longer and see how it goes. I also really like being able to go back through to different sessions and periods in our lives. This just means I’ll need to be a little more dedicated ;). I know I’ve missed posting several sessions I’ve done, so I might just start where I’m at and not try to back track too much.

So here’s to the blog again! —-anndd an older session at Bear Lake 🙂

Bear Lake Family Photos-23Bear Lake Family Photos-9Bear Lake Family Photos-61

Nate’s High Adventure

You sure take for granted someone around until they’re gone for a bit. Nate left Tuesday of this week for the young men in the church’s high adventure camp outing. I sure miss him. He always has to deal with not being able to go to bed with me on some nights that I am scheduled and tells me how much he doesn’t like it. Boy did I not realize how difficult it would be without him by my side. I honestly can’t say enough about that boy. I was thinking the other day how I must have done some crazy amazing thing in the pre-earth life to deserve such a man.

Nate started a landscaping business this summer which he’s been doing great at and staying really busy. The day before he left he was very busy getting some last minute things together. He was bummed because he had planned everything out to be free to spend the evening together, but some last minute things came up that had to be taken care of at work. I wanted to be with him still so I went with him after my shift to buy and finish a sod job. Watching him work just made me fall more in love with him. He is seriously everything I hoped and dreamed I would find in a companion and I am so grateful for that. His grandpa is coming in from Texas this week. Nate doesn’t get to see him often and didn’t realize the time he would be here until after he had committed to this young mens outing. I could tell he genuinely felt bad he would be miss seeing his grandpa, but didn’t complain and prepared for the camp trip. I know he’ll be blessed for all the little things he does for our family and so many others in the service her offers. Can’t wait to have him home!

The Can Can List

My mind went back to a talk I heard a while back when I was in the hospital working the other day. I had a patient who was told, due to the diagnosis given, that there would no ability to walk again. This was one of the more difficult discussions I have witnessed with a doctor and a patient. There is more to the story, but we will keep it at that. This patient took this news as best as could be taken and kindly thanked the doctor for his honesty. I couldn’t help but have my heart ache for this patient who one week was completely independent to the other week being completely dependent on others for many daily tasks. I was truly touched by this patient’s kindness even in such a difficult time.

In the last LDS general conference, there was a talk given by Linda K. Burton titled “Certain Women“. In her talk she gave a touching example of a friend who for 15 years has battled a debilitating disease called body myositis. She said, “Though confined to her wheelchair, she strives to be grateful and keeps up her ‘Can Can List’: A running list of things she can do, such as I can breathe, I can swallow, I can pray, and I can feel my Savior’s love. She bears her Christ-centered certain witness almost daily to family and friends”. Through examples like these, I realize the many “can’s” I have on my own list that I often take for granted.

This morning as I attended the Ogden Temple, I couldn’t help but noticing many individuals in the place that I was sitting who were confined to a wheelchair, or could not walk without a walker or cane. When I watched the individuals get up or wheel out, I had an amazing feeling come over me of gratitude of the knowledge that I have that when they pass to the other side and approach our maker, they will not have to wheel themselves over or use a walker or crutches to help them stand, they will be able to walk uprightly and be healed through the blood of Christ in to a perfect body that they may never have experienced here on earth. My testimony grew this week of the resurrection and the love that the Savior Jesus Christ has for each of his children, no matter what their physical limitation or trials may be.


The Burtons 2017-58

I’ve always had this major crush on poppy fields. There’s this limited time frame where this poppy field starts blooming locally here. I’ve checked a couple times to see if they had bloomed knowing the general time frame. There’s a family in my ward who is wanting some family pictures taken and I told them about the poppy fields, but it didn’t work with their schedule this month. I was telling my sister Candice about this and she jumped right on the band wagon and said how they’ve been needing to get some family pictures done for their family Christmas cards and asked if I would do theirs in the poppy field. It turned out great. I’ll be honest, trying to get two little kids to cooperate and be happy about getting their pictures done can be challenging. I was secretly hoping Nate could have been able to come up with us to get both my nephews’ attention, but as always it seemed to work out and we got some cute ones of the family.

The Burtons 2017-27

The Burtons 2017-9

The Burtons 2017-40The Burtons 2017-26The Burtons 2017-53


The Blue Blanket.

Karlee is a good friend of one of my older sisters, Candice.  She and her husband Andrew are having a baby boy here any day now!! Karlee is an incredible quilter *as evidence shown below*. They have tried to have children for a while now and after no success, they were able to get pregnant through IVF treatment. They are a great couple, and I couldn’t be more excited for them. Karlee and Andrew picked different sayings, quotes, and experiences to have written on the quote. Karlee even pointed out how each of them wrote a personal letter to their son which she added on to it as well. In the middle of the quilt, his name will be added once he is born. Pretty cool. I’m so excited for them.




One of my cute friends Haley is getting married! I know I say this every time, but I was so flattered when she asked me to do her engagements! I totally understand that engagements are a big part of decorating for your wedding and invites, so I feel it’s really important to find photos you really love! I think we got some really good ones though! And can I just say Karson and Haley are the perfect match! It was so fun taking their engagement pictures!! About the week before we took them it snowed pretty hard and covered a good chunk of the Ogden Mountains which was making me nervous for their session! Because let’s be honest, as beautiful as snow is in the winter, when you have a wedding in August, who wants a winter wonderland photoshoot, am I right?? (what are my weather problems with shoots!?) THANKFULLY it warmed up just in the nick of time and I don’t think we could have planned for more perfect weather. There weren’t even bugs when we went up. It turned out perfect. Karson also rode his Harley to the session which made it fun to end our shoot with some photos on the Harley. *side note* Haley is a killer weight lifter who competes competatively on the college team. My dad being dead serious before our shoot was saying how she should bring her weights and lift them while on the back of the bike. haha. Maybe next time 😉